English Drama Team

Dare to Dream; Rise in Faith



TMGSS English Drama Team, founded in 2017, is now a big family of more than 50 dedicated and versatile members. Throughout these years, with their zest for drama, diligence and unbeatable team spirit, our English Drama Team put on various fabulous performances, blew away the audience and took home numerous prizes, including Outstanding Director, Outstanding Script, Outstanding Performer, Outstanding Cooperation, Outstanding Stage Effect, Commendable Overall Performance and Adjudicator’s Award in various territory-wide drama contests. What everyone sees is the result of hard work and perseverance from each and every one of our determined team members. Drama requires commitment and courage. It stimulates our imagination and stokes our creativity. Nevertheless, what we value the most are not the prizes but the close bonding we have cultivated with one another. The English drama lessons are always filled with joy and laughter. It is truly a platform for our students to enrich their school life and showcase their talents. TMGSS English Drama Team is nurturing a house of promising, colourful butterflies who are ready to spread their wings, fly and shine. Come and join us!


1st Inter-government Secondary Schools Drama Fest 2017-18