2018-19 News


The 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
A total of 33 S.1 students took part in the English Choral Speaking Competition on 21st November 2018. With their teamwork and hard work, they took home the Second Prize. Congratulations!

In addition, 1B Chan Ching-lam, Catherine, won the Second Prize, while 4A Lai Cheuk-chi, Chelsea and 4A Shum Ngai-long, Aaron, were named the champions, in the English Solo Verse Speaking Contest. Superb!

Moreover, 5A Lai Cheuk-sing, Jackson, fully exhibited his great talent in language arts. He obtained the championship in the English Solo Verse Speaking Contest, came second in the English Solo Prose Reading Contest and took the third place in the English Public Speaking Contest. Bravo!

A big round of applause for all the winners’ brilliant results!
Keep unfolding your talents, TMGSS boys and girls! (Photo)


S.6 Mock English Oral Exam Practice
On 16th November 2018, the school hall was filled with more than 110 S.6 determined students who hope to hone their English speaking skills. After several rounds of group discussion and individual presentation practices, students got a chance to conduct peer evaluation and self evaluation based on one another’s performance. It is hoped that S.6 students could boost their self-confidence as well as spoken English through a series of mock exam practices.

S.6 students, keep fighting for your dream!(Photo)

30/10/2019 English Drama Workshops (24th October 2018)
We were very much honored to invite a total of 13 Principals and teachers from Sha Tin Government Secondary School, The New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School and our school to attend an enriching English drama lesson with 30 S.2-S.3 students. Student participants were actively engaged in a series of drama activities and they managed to master some narrative writing techniques from the activities. All guests were deeply impressed by our students’ creativity, vitality, fluent spoken English and lively performances adapted from the world-famous novel “Animal Farm”. Everyone had a joyous afternoon that day. We strive to enrich students’ vocabulary range, polish their writing skills and boost their confidence in speaking English through involving them in a wide array of drama activities.(Photos)
8/10/2019 On 6th October 2018, a total of 17 S1-S6 students went to Tuen Mun Town Hall and appreciated a marvelous English musical performance titled “The Tempest” co-organized by Shakespeare4All Company Limited and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Our students were treated to a fabulous theatrical performance that included magical illusions, puppet shows, singing and dancing with a cast and orchestra of over 80 students. They were particularly blown away by the stunning backdrop, gorgeous costumes and compelling music in the play. All students found it fun to see a musical and learnt several useful English expressions from the show. It was hoped that this musical appreciation activity could ignite students’ interest in English learning.(photo)

Canadian English Writing Invitational Contest 2018 (Hong Kong)
A total of 12 S.1 to S.5 students took part in Canadian English Writing Invitational Contest 2018 (Hong Kong) in May 2018 and obtained laudable results. our school even garnered the Second Prize among all participating secondary school teams! Impressive!

Top 3 Secondary School Team 1st Runner-up: Tuen Mun Government Secondary School
Champion in Secondary 1-3 Group: 3B Wong Ho San
Gold Award in Secondary 4-6 Group: 5D Udogwu Jeremiah Ihenacho
Gold Award in Secondary 1-3 Group: 2C Chung Alvin
Silver Award in Secondary 1-3 Group: 3B Tang Man Huen
Bronze Award in Secondary 1-3 Group: 1D Chan Ching Yau
Bronze Award in Secondary 1-3 Group: 1D Chow Yin Hang
Bronze Award in Secondary 1-3 Group: 1D Tong Tsz Fung
Bronze Award in Secondary 4-6 Group: 5D Cheng Wing Yan
Bronze Award in Secondary 4-6 Group: 5D Kam Chak Fai

4/9/2018 School calendar and school timetable of 2018-2019 has been uploaded.