Application for admission to Secondary One(2022-2023)


The number of discretionary places offered by our school in 2022/2023 is 40.

An application will only be considered if the duly completed application form is returned to our School Office together with the photocopies of the following documents (if available):

  1. School reports of primary 5 (first and second term);
  2. The first term school report of primary 6 (may be submitted later);
  3. Extracurricular activities in primary 5 and primary 6/photocopy of Certificates and Awards;
  4. Letters of recommendation from the primary school's Principal are NOT required.

Please contact your primary school for information regarding the "Student Reference Number".

Distribution of application forms:

  • Date: From 30.11.2021 to 17.1.2022
  • Time: 9am - 12nn; 2pm - 4:30pm (Office closes on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays)

Submission of application forms:
Please submit a stamped (HK $2.0) self-addressed envelope with student's name printed on it;
Please submit TWO stamped (with sufficient postage) self-addressed envelope with student's name printed on them.

  • Date: From 3.1.2022 to 17.1.2022
  • Time: 9am - 12nn; 2pm - 4:30pm (Office closes on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays)

An interview will be arranged on 12 March 2022 (Sat).

Remarks: In view of the COVID-19 epidemic, the EDB has specially allowed the submission of DP applications by post for this SSPA cycle. Should your P6 students/parents have genuine difficulties in submitting the Application Forms for Secondary One Discretionary Place to our school in person by themselves or their authorized representatives, parents could thoroughly consider the needs and associated risks, and arrange to submit the Application Forms and other documents required by our school by post between 3 January (Monday) and 17 January 2022 (Monday), both dates inclusive (the postmark date should not be latter than the prescribed deadline). After receiving parents’ applications by post, our school will return the Parent’s Copy of the Application Form for Secondary One Discretionary Place to parents by post for retention.

All applicants will be invited to attend an interview session. The admission criteria and weighting are listed below:

  1. Student Applicant Rank Order List: 45 marks
  2. Interview Performance: 40 marks (The interview will be conducted in both English and Cantonese)
  3. Extra-curricular Activities: 15 marks
  4. Total score is 100 marks
  5. Conduct grade needs to be Grade B or above

The personal data provided by means of this form will be used for processing application for a school place. It may be disclosed to the Education Bureau or other schools authorized to process personal data for allocation/placement and other education-related purposes. The provision of personal data by means of this form is obligatory. If you do not provide sufficient information, the school may not be able to process the application.

For further inquires or details regarding the submission of application form, please contact us by post or phone:

The Principal,
Tuen Mun Government Secondary School,
393 Castle Peak Road,
Tuen Mun.
Tel. no.: 2458 0459

All S1 Discretionary Place candidates may apply for schools outside of their own net.

Each student is allowed to apply for a total of TWO schools for S1 Discretionary Places.

Applicant who fails to do so will automatically result in forfeiture of all rights to discretionary places.

***Application form for admission to Secondary One:Click here download English Version***